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Pediatric Therapy Project

Waverly Health Center's (WHC) pediatric therapy services provided by Taylor Physical Therapy are expanding. These services are essential for supporting the growth and development of children, especially those with disabilities and other developmental challenges. The need for these services is growing, and we are committed to ensuring all children in our community have access to the care they need.

Treatment space for children, including those with physical disabilities and sensory issues, have special features and equipment that are difficult to include in our current therapy space. In order to meet these special needs, WHC is creating a new space within the hospital dedicated to our youngest patients.

The WHC Foundation is raising $200,000 to help cover equipment and construction costs. The space will feature a gym with therapeutic equipment made to meet children's needs and engage them in therapy. Four treatment rooms will be located around the gym space to create a versatile care environment.

The new location is close to the red entrance, allowing for easy access for families with wheelchairs or strollers. This dedicated space will create a welcoming and private environment for children and parents. In addition, the new space can foster group sessions and positive peer interactions with children and families. Therapists will also be able to adjust the lighting and reduce distractions based on each child’s specific needs.

Will you join us on this important journey to support our pediatric patients?

Our pledge to deliver high quality, person-centered health care remains steadfast. As a local nonprofit hospital, charitable gifts make a critical difference in our ability to expand our services. Your gift has the power to make a direct, positive impact on the lives of our patients. We hope you will consider joining us on this journey to provide our pediatric therapy patients with the space they need to heal and grow.

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