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Ask the Expert: New Moms Screen

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Ask the Expert: New Moms Screen

March 09, 2023

Photo of Ashley Appleman, PT, DPT

What is a New Mom’s Screen?
A free, non-invasive screen for new moms that will answer any questions or concerns they have regarding pain or dysfunction after delivery, including a safe return to activity. This can be performed during the hospital stay if a mom delivers at Waverly Health Center, or in a Taylor Physical Therapy clinic location. During the screen, the following is assessed: abdominal integrity, lower back/sacroiliac alignment, pelvic floor function and posture. Based on what we see, we can recommend further treatment by a physical therapist or provide exercises for home if the weaknesses/faults do not require further skilled physical therapy.

Why is this screen important?
This screen helps identify areas of weakness following pregnancy and childbirth. We then provide exercises for women to work on to restore their strength and flexibility to what it was prior to pregnancy and childbirth.

Who is eligible for this screen?
Any woman who is less than 6 months postpartum, regardless of what number of pregnancy it is for her. The screen is most beneficial within the first 4 weeks after delivery.

How do you schedule a New Mom’s Screen?
By calling the Waverly, Nashua, Sumner, Denver or Parkersburg Taylor Physical Therapy clinics and asking to schedule a New Mom’s Screen. We also offer additional pelvic health services for women and men who suffer from various pelvic diagnoses at our Waverly, Nashua and Parkersburg locations.

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Ashley Appleman
PT, DPT, Taylor Physical Therapy