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Excellent care at WHC emergency department

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Excellent care at WHC emergency department

January 21, 2023

Crystal, WHC nurse Taylor, Carolyn and Kim

On Christmas Day, Carolyn Scrage of Shell Rock was not feeling well and needed medical attention. Her daughter-in-law, Taryn, took her to the emergency department at Waverly Health Center (WHC) where her daughter, Crystal, spent the day with her. Carolyn was admitted to the medical-surgical floor at the hospital and was treated for pneumonia. After spending two days at WHC, Carolyn was released to go home. Unfortunately, a few days later Carolyn ended up back in the emergency department.

Similar to the previous visit, Carolyn was going to be admitted to the medical-surgical floor for treatment. While waiting in the emergency department, Carolyn's daughter Kim, who is a nurse, applauded the providers and nursing staff. "When you visit a hospital, you can either get service or care. At Waverly Health Center, you only receive care. Everyone is so kind, considerate, respectful, responsive and compassionate," stated Kim.

Kim was so appreciative of the care her mother received that she purchased dozens of donuts and rolls for WHC staff during the first visit to the emergency department. On the second visit, she had pizzas delivered to the staff.

As a nurse, Kim knows how difficult working in healthcare can be. Even though staffing shortages exist, Kim says "Healthcare no longer works 'short-staffed.' We work with what we have." She admitted that, as a nurse, it can sometimes be difficult to have a patient or caregiver with a nursing background. "The nursing staff was so pleasant and answered all of my questions without hesitation."

Carolyn initially chose the WHC emergency department out of convenience. Now, she continues to choose WHC because of the care she receives. Carolyn hopes her emergency room visits are behind her, but she is comforted knowing that if she needs care, she'll choose WHC every time.