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Exceptional care and comfort at WHC

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Exceptional care and comfort at WHC

February 15, 2024

Alek, Kerigan and baby Estella

As an emergency medical technician (EMT), Kerigan Kammeyer is familiar with responding when help is needed. Kerigan has been an EMT at Waverly Health Center (WHC) since 2022. When it was time to choose a care team for her pregnancy, Kerigan applied her experiences as an EMT. 

Through her work, Kerigan has helped transfer patients to the Birthing Center at WHC. “After working with some of the nurses in the Birthing Center and having seen the wonderful care patients received, I knew I wanted that for my baby and myself,” said Kerigan. 

Kerigan and her husband Alek, first-time parents, are thankful for the staff in the Women’s Clinic and Birthing Center. They took time to address Kerigan’s concerns and respect her wishes. She planned to experience labor and delivery without an epidural. This goal was met with the help of an encouraging care team. 

“The nurses I had for delivery went above and beyond in so many ways,” Kerigan said. “They were so calm and comforting. Whenever I got discouraged, they would remind me that I was about to meet my baby girl.” 

Kerigan delivered a healthy baby girl named Estella. “I received such great care from the moment I walked in the doors. Thanks to WHC, my pregnancy and delivery was everything I wanted and more!”