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Knee Replacement a Breeze at WHC

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Knee replacements a breeze at WHC

September 04, 2023

Virginia and her husband Gene in front of the lighthouse in Hilton Head.

After living several years with joint pain, Virginia Robinson of Janesville decided it was time to make an appointment to discuss knee replacement surgery. 

Virginia and Gene, her husband, made an appointment with Dr. Robert Bartelt, an orthopedic surgeon with Cedar Valley Medical Specialists at Waverly Health Center (WHC). She chose Dr. Bartelt because he uses the Mako SmartRobotics™ Surgery System for total joint replacements. Patients who have had joints replaced with this technology have reported less pain and quicker recovery from surgery.  

Dr. Bartelt told Virginia that both knees needed replacement. Shortly after that appointment, she began physical therapy with William Rossmiller at Taylor Physical Therapy. Therapy is important prior to surgery. It strengthens muscles which can help with a quicker recovery.

Virginia had her first knee replaced on June 19, 2023, and her second on August 1, 2023. She reported that she did not have any pain after either surgery. She was also able to recover quickly with physical therapy thanks to the work she did to strengthen her muscles before surgery. 

“The recovery after a total knee replacement can be a long and hard process,” said William. “Virginia put in a lot of hard work outside of physical therapy when performing her exercises at home, making the whole process look easy. It has been a lot of fun working with Virginia in her recovery. The amount of work she has put in is something she should be proud of.”

Just ten weeks after her first total knee replacement and four weeks after her second, Virginia was walking a half mile pain free for the first time in five years. “Being able to walk this far would have been impossible prior to surgery,” she said. “Going for walks and hiking with no pain has been one of my biggest goals and I have achieved it!” 

“We are so lucky to have the benefit of state-of-the-art services available, so close to home,” she continued. “We don’t have to search for a center of excellence – it's right here at WHC.” 

In her retirement, Virginia and Gene stay busy volunteering and traveling. They volunteer at WHC, their church, and their local Lions Club. With two new knees and a healthy recovery process, Virginia is looking forward to continuing to give back to her community and traveling in the couple’s motorhome with fewer physical limitations.