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Walk-In Visit Proves a Reliable Choice

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Walk-In Visit Proves a Reliable Choice

April 18, 2024

Fred Ribich

When Fred Ribich, of Waverly, began experiencing symptoms of a suspected urinary tract infection (UTI), he wanted to see a qualified provider as soon as possible. Thankfully, the Walk-In Clinic at Waverly Health Center (WHC) was an option for Ribich.  

Injuries and illnesses don’t always happen when your doctor’s office is open. The Walk-In Clinic is available to quickly get reliable help that complements the care received at a primary care provider’s office. The Walk-In Clinic provides high-quality care for people of all ages with medical conditions that are not life-threatening. 

“The Walk-In Clinic is a very reliable and professional source to get checked out for something that may need treatment sooner than later,” said Ribich.  

Ribich was seen by Randy Wirtz, ARNP. During the examination, Randy discovered a potential hernia on Ribich. He was told to follow up with his primary care provider. “I was grateful Randy discovered that,” said Ribich. “I’ve always been impressed with the thoroughness and professionalism of the staff at the Walk-In Clinic.” 

Fortunately, everything turned out fine with Ribich. He is grateful to have the Walk-In Clinic as an option outside of clinic hours, or when he may not be able to see his primary care provider. He said, “The community is very fortunate to have a service such as the Walk-In Clinic available.” 

To see hours and all services offered at the Walk-In Clinic, visit waverlyhealthcenter.org/clinics/walk-in-clinic