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Waverly Health Center Names January/February Spotlight on Values Award Winners

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Waverly Health Center Names January/February Spotlight on Values Award Winners

March 01, 2024

Piper Wild of Waverly, laboratory, was recognized for the value of compassion.  Her nominator said, “My nine-year-old daughter needed some lab work and was very nervous. Piper was calm and reassuring. She took her time and explained the process in a way that my daughter could understand. She asked questions to keep her distracted through the toughest part. She was very encouraging to my daughter and helped her feel brave. The extra touch was a little bow she made from the wrap. My daughter was so excited about the bow! It made her forget the hard parts. I believe this will help my daughter think about this as a positive experience and not be as scared in the future. Thank you, Piper.”

Cynthia Cmelik-Reams of Nashua, education, was recognized for the value of excellence. Her nominator wrote, “Cynthia is often tasked with just-in-time education and she is always willing and ready to help. Her approach is always positive, professional and patient-centered. Cynthia exemplifies the WHC Service Excellence Standards each and every day. She is excellent at what she does!"”


Jessica Dewey of Shell Rock, birthing center, was recognized for the value of leadership. “Jess has been working for a year to get our donor milk program off the ground. She provides valuable teaching for the staff and the patients regarding breastfeeding, pumping and storing milk. She has a regular lactation consultant schedule, but she will frequently come to our assistance to care for the patients, even if this puts her paperwork behind or means she comes in on her time off. To show an example of her compassion for her patients, Jess came in on her day off to follow up on some of the patients she had concerns about and she does all this with a smile on her face, and a "happy to help" attitude. Jess is truly a gem to the birthing center and a blessing to this hospital,” her nominator wrote.

WHC has adopted six values which include compassion, enthusiasm, excellence, innovation, integrity and leadership. The Spotlight on Values program recognizes WHC employees, volunteers and physicians for demonstrating these values. Patients, visitors and employees are encouraged to submit nominations for the WHC Spotlight on Values honors. Nominations can be submitted at any Spotlight on Values ballot boxes placed throughout the health center.