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WHC Ambulance Department Published in JEMS

May 24, 2023

WHC Ambulance Department staff receive training on the new heating and cooling system. Photo by Nick Nedza.

The Waverly Health Center (WHC) Ambulance Department was recently published in an international journal. The department had an idea, originally introduced by Critical Care Paramedia Brent Smeins, to better the heating and cooling within the ambulance for both the patient and the care team. This system is a simple, smart and cost-effective solution ensuring better pre-hospital care for patients. The system is able to be replicated by all EMS services and therefore can improve the EMS industry as a whole.

The Journal of Emergency Medical Services (JEMS) published the article titled "A Heating and Cooling Smart Idea!" This article was written by WHC employees Brent Smeins, critical care paramedic, Loren Ridge, EMS unit based education specialist and Nick Nedza, emergency services manager. It was published in the JEMS May 24, 2023 edition.

Read the article by clicking here: https://www.jems.com/equipment-gear/an-ambulance-heating-and-cooling-smart-idea/