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WHC patient becomes employee after excellent care

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WHC patient becomes employee after excellent care

March 18, 2023

Leah smiling after a hike

Leah Anhalt, of Plainfield, loves hiking and taking walks in the woods. Unfortunately, after suffering from arthritis for several years, the pain in her knees stopped her from enjoying the outdoors. Even a task as simple as the stairs became impossible.

When Leah's knees started preventing her from completing every day tasks, she decided to seek medical help. Leah had a consultation with Dr. Robert Bartelt of Cedar Valley Medical Specialists at Waverly Health Center (WHC).

At her consultation, Leah discovered one of her knees was bone-on-bone. Dr. Bartelt performed total knee replacement in November of 2021 on that joint first. Nine weeks later, Leah had her second knee replaced.

"I enjoyed walking the halls with my physical therapists during my stay in the hospital," said Leah. "I got to meet a lot of staff and everyone was so kind." Leah enjoyed the friendly atmosphere of the hospital and said the food was so delicious that she thought to herself, "I want to work here!"

After fully recovering from both knee replacements, in March of 2022 Leah accepted a position as a nutrition services aide. As she celebrates her one-year work anniversary with WHC, Leah reflects on all she's accomplished since recovery. "Having the surgeries has absolutely changed my life. I am on my feet all day at work and no longer experience pain in my knees."

Leah has also been able to return to the outdoors. During the summer of 2022, she completed her dream of reaching the observation deck at the top of the Buffalo Rock State Park hiking trail in Illinois.

For more information on total joint replacement, visit WaverlyHealthCenter.org/ortho