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Our inpatient services include observation, acute, after surgery, skilled nursing, and hospice care.


  • Private patient rooms designed to bring comfort and encourage relaxation
  • Quiet surroundings with very limited overhead paging and other noises
  • Bedside reporting and care planning
  • Personalized nursing care
  • Sleeper sofas for support person
  • ​Flexible meal choices and serving times

To make sure you have the best care possible, we will visit your room often. At every visit, we will do the following:

  • Check your pain level
  • Offer to help you use the toilet
  • Help you change position to get more comfortable
  • Check to see if you need medication and give it to you
  • Make sure that you can reach your light, phone, reading material and other items
  • Ask if you have any questions
  • Let you know when we will be back in your room

Hospitalist Program

What is a hospitalist?

Hospitalists are doctors who care for patients only in the hospital. Since they do not see patients in a clinic, they can focus their attention on meeting the needs of hospitalized patients. Hospitalists are at Waverly Health Center each day from about 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. After those hours, they are close by so they can come to the hospital when needed. These doctors work with your primary care provider to coordinate your care.

Benefits of hospitalist care:

  • Shorter waiting time for admission. The hospitalist helps speed up the process of getting patients admitted from the emergency department (ED).
  • Better communication. Because hospitalists only work in the hospital, they can spend time talking to you and your family. The hospitalist becomes the center point for communication so that the patient, family and primary care provider all talk with the same person.
  • Personalized, family-centered care. Since hospitalists practice full-time in the hospital, they are on hand when you or a family member has a question about your care. You don’t have to wait for your primary care provider to make rounds to share your concerns or get answers.
  • Shorter hospital stay. Having the hospitalist act as provider and leader of your care reduces much of the wait time for tests, results and consultations. The hospitalist makes sure each step happens in a timely manner, and this can reduce your length of stay.
  • Quicker discharge. Patients can wait all day for their provider to arrive or for a surgeon to finish other cases and release them from the hospital. The hospitalist can give discharge approval more quickly, to get you on your way home sooner.

Better quality of care. In case of an emergency while you’re in the hospital, your hospitalist is nearby and will see you several times a day, if needed. Your hospitalist knows every specialist and department in the hospital, and will follow-up on tests and change your treatment as needed. High quality care is available around the clock by trained doctors.

How the program works:

If your health care provider believes you need to be in the hospital, he or she will call the hospitalist. If you are admitted through the ED, the hospitalist will speak with the ED doctor to discuss your care. You will then be admitted to the inpatient area.

The hospitalist will be in charge of your care and will discuss your health care needs with you and your family. The hospitalist will work with the rest of the health care team to coordinate planning for your discharge back to your primary care provider. This ensures a smooth transition for you, so you can focus on getting better.

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